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Troubled teens need first priority help and West Virginia offers huge help in form of boys’ homes and other government services.

The Boys’ Home offers child care program in three units: Intsake and Evaluation Program, Independent Living Skills Program and the Experiential Living Program. There is a procedure that is followed in the programs to ensure the overall child development. Through their wide variety of campus and community activities, residents are encouraged to take part in recreation, sports, scouting as well as church programs.

St. John’s Home for Children is a private, non-profit home for orphans that approaches an ecological approach to the treatment that recognizes a child’s problem as a manifestation of disturbed interactions in the family. They provide therapeutic settings that help reverse the earlier trauma and also facilitate the reunification of the child with his family.

The Pioneer Counseling Centers offers qualified and certified experienced psychologists to children, teenagers and adults. Their team of professionals is committed to helping individuals identify, adapt and deal effectively with difficult times. Their services include outpatient alcohol and drug addiction therapy, outpatient mental health therapy, etc.

The West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services is dedicated to providing effective and beneficial services to the youth in the Juvenile Justice System that promotes positive development as well as accountability. This is done while preserving the safety of community and sustaining a work environment that is predicated upon the principles of professionalism and dignity for all.

The Commonwealth Parenting aims at building a stronger community by teaching proactive parenting skills to parents and guardians through quality education, communication and support. Several groups and organizations have joined hands together to help parents learn how their children think, behave and also teach the effective discipline skills.

The Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment offers 63 treatment centers to help overcome addiction problems. They offer a mix of outpatient and inpatient facilities and they specialize in prescription drug abuse. Their services include treatments for youths and adults but all programs are designed for all age groups.

The West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services offers an extensive guide to Medicaid, the procurement notices, managed care organization, mountain health choices, Medicaid state plan, etc. The bureau is the designated single state agency responsible for the administration of the State’s Medicaid program.

The West Virginia Bureau for Child Support Enforcement offers extensive educational support services to children; they offer services that help to secure support from the parent of the child and that includes locating parents, establishing child support, establishing medical support and health insurance coverage, enforcing a court order, etc.