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Reaching out to several troubled and mishandled boys and families in Texas are several homes and organizations, standing as guardians of the distressed.

The West Texas Boys Ranch is one such Christian-based home that embraces all boys who need a safe environment to learn and grow. It is a home to young men and poses as a trusted friend to families that need help to raise their sons and become vulnerable resources to the community!

The Methodist Children’s Home is yet another home that offers residential group care to boys and young children and here, they are dedicated to help the youth grow physically, spiritually, emotionally as well as intellectually!

Yet another committed boys’ home in Texas is Texas Boys Ranch which works in creative collaboration to provide quality care to boys!

The Texas Youth Commission provides an in-depth insight into the juvenile justice system in Texas, informing about the difference between juvenile justice and penal system. Right from what juvenile justice is to how the system works is well explained.

The Theravive provides a network of Texas therapists who specialize in child counseling. They ensure that the psychologists are qualified, are caring and compassionate.

The Parenting Center recognizes the growing problem of child abuse and neglect in the state and are thus dedicated to providing good preventive services for parents and caregivers. They offer services like co-parenting, professional education, counseling, school programs, etc.

The Texas Department of State Health Services stands as a guardian of health, focusing their attention on alcohol and drug abuse. They provide related information of programs by health topics, information about mental health and substance abuse, news and releases, substance-abuse-related-rules, the Texas administrative code and the like. The Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA) is officially a part of the Department of State Health Services. 

The Texas Health And Human Services Commission has now launched the Texas Medicaid Wellness Program which is a new care management program and is aimed to promote enhanced health outcomes by sustaining and supporting provider-patient relationship. 

The Texas Education Agency takes a step ahead to promote educational programs to boys and girls in Texas. It aims to provide leadership, resources and guidance to help the Texas schools meet the educational demand of all students.

The ‘Prevent Child Abuse Texas’ is a state-wide organization that works to prevent child abuse and neglect in all forms throughout Texas. It’s a non-profit organization and is led by a statewide board of directors representing different regions through community organizations and agencies dealing with social issues impacting children.